Wiener Brain


Meet Sami, whose summers are filled with bike rides, lemonade stands, and great friends. This summer, however, as she prepares to enter 5th grade, she realizes that nothing stays the same for long. Join her as she contemplates whether or not that is a good thing in the debut novel from author, Lindsey Stuffel.


Nowhere Girl


Ren is a strong, independent, single woman; and she’s going nowhere, fast. All in one week, she breaks up with her non-boyfriend; goes on a truly horrible date involving an ugly hat and a mystery duffel bag; and is unceremoniously fired from her dead-end job. Realizing that it all may be a blessing in disguise, she goes against her better judgment and takes a position with a local accounting firm. With a newfound drive and a really hot boss, she sets off on a new path full of realization and acceptance. Pretty soon, Ren learns she’s not as smart as she thought she was; she gains a new understanding of the meaning of love; and learns what it takes to go from “nowhere” to “somewhere.”


Cheers Beers


Birdie Beers left home for college and never returned. When the new life she created falls down around her, she must leave it all behind and come back to the place that reminds her of the person she used to be. As she gets used to a new way in her old life she discovers some things never change, real love does last forever, and home is where your grandfather's cane is always by the front door.


Playing Grown-Up


At first, Ren Sanders thought she was going nowhere, until she realized she'd been heading somewhere all along. When her life is turned upside down overnight, she must learn how to handle the weight of the world on her shoulders, while still holding onto the people and things that mean the most to her. A few surprises along the way will show her the best things in life and the ones most unexpected, and the biggest mistakes can teach us the greatest lessons.


Lindsey's books are available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback format.

Cover of Nowhere Girl , Cheers Beers, and Playing Grown-Up  designed by Christine Taylor



Covers of Nowhere Girl, Cheers Beers, and Playing Grown-up designed by Christine Taylor

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